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Stanford Club of Germany Visiting Lectureship


Since 2003, SCoG has sponsored the “Stanford Club of Germany Visiting Lectureship”.  The lectureship brings a Stanford Berlin Center faculty member to the home campus in California for an academic quarter to teach two courses in the field of German Studies. The lectureship is awarded on an annual or bi-annual basis at the invitation of Stanford German Studies, depending on the availability of Stanford Berlin Center faculty. The lectureships are funded by the SCoG Endowment.


The lectureship plays an important role in sustaining a dynamic symbiosis between the Berlin program and the German Studies department and more generally bridging Germany and the home campus for both students and faculty. The regular contact between Berlin faculty and the German Studies department enables a better coordination of programs to provide a more coherent and profound experience for the students. It also provides Berlin faculty the opportunity to teach, do research and network with Stanford peers. Over the years the lectureship has contributed to a notable increase in the number of students taking German Studies classes and also declaring minors in German Studies. 


The German Studies courses taught by the Visiting Lecturers bring significant benefits to undergraduate students returning from the Berlin program as well as prospective students. Returning students who want to build on their studies and internship experiences in the Berlin program are mentored by faculty with whom they worked in Berlin.  Prospective students build a foundation for deepening their learning in the Berlin program. 


The Visiting Lectureship also plays a key role in recruiting students for the Berlin program and for German studies. In addition to teaching, the lecturer is involved in extracurricular outreach, such as lectures, local activities, and publicity events, as well as academic orientation for students preparing for the Berlin program. 


The Visiting Lectureship has greatly benefited all involved. SCoG is proud to sponsor it and graciously thanks the Visiting Lecturers for their strong dedication to this program. 


Past SCoG Visiting Lecturers 


2003-04  Dr. Ulrich Brueckner
2004-05  Dr. Sylke Tempel
2007-08  Dr. Sylke Tempel 
2008-09  Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Junghanns 
2009-10  Dr. Karen Ruoff Kramer
2011-12  Dr. Sylke Tempel
2014-15  Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Junghanns 
2015-16  Dr. Karen Ruoff Kramer 
2016-17  Dr. Ulrich Brueckner
2018-19  Dr. Ulrich Brueckner
2022-23  Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Junghanns